2K07S Truck Bed Liner – PU (Silver)


  • Protests the surface from scratches, impact and fading.
  • Resistant to harmful agents from weather and chemicals.
  • With Granular texture to prevent goods from slipping.
  • Cover the surface of the object, limiting exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Usage time: 4 hours

Surface dry: 1 hour

Apply 3-4 coats, 10 minutes apart (or longer depending on weather conditions)


2K07S Truck bed liner silver is a 2K PU Series product

Created new look to your truckbed, 2K07S not only beautifies the surface, but also helps prevent scratches, rust, and creates friction, preventing cargo loss. slippery.

Simply add on candy color or metallic color after truckbed liner and finish with 2k01 Clear as final coat to make your design more unique.

Specially designed to repaint and restore corroded, unfinished or previously coated metal truck floors.


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