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With SAMURAI you will get the best quality spray paint for your beloved motorcycle, which designed specialized to taking care and protect your beloved motorcycle, simply follow our spray painting procedure on your selected product page, you will get the best result like you brought new motorcycle. What best for you when used Samurai you will found that your beloved motorcycle are highly gasoline resistant, you have worry free while you refill gasoline. Other than that you also stay worry free for crazy sun burning damaging the paint on your beloved motorcycle with its weather resistance feature
SAMURAI paint focus on continue innovate best spray paint for your beloved motorcycle, SAMURAI Hi-temp spray paint protected your exhaust pipe from rusting. To easier and shorten your time to removing paint from Motorcycle metal part such as gas tank, under bone and exhaust pipe. SAMURAI spray paint 2K05 and 2k06 metal primer protect your motorcycle metal part such as gas tank, under bone away from rusting. SAMURAI also has sufficient variant of color that can meet your need for your decorating on beloved motorcycle. With SAMURAI 2k clear spray paint you can get glass finish same as original car paint finish.