2K06 Metal Primer – Epoxy (Silver Grey)

It works by penetrating deeply into the surface and forms a tight air and water barrier which provides high anti-corrosive protection and ensures long-lasting durability.

  • Anti-Rust formula.
  • Ultra strong adhesion to the surface.
  • Provide good sanding properties to be sanding smooth.
  • Safe to use on all conventional coating systems.
    Use time : 4 hours after activate
    Touch dry: 2 hours
    2 hour waiting time is require before the next color coat.
    Interval each coat: 5-8 minutes

2k06 Metal primer (silver Grey) is 2K epoxy paint series

The product works by penetrating deep into the surface and creating a strong surface layer that protects from harsh climates and humidity, against corrosion and rust, it is ideal for use. Used to repaint new or slightly corroded metal surfaces.

It works by penetrating deep into the surface and forming an airtight barrier against air and water, providing high resistance to corrosion and rust for long-lasting durability of metal components.


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